The military working dog is an invaluable asset to the military. Not only do these loyal and courageous animals serve as protectors in dangerous areas, they often serve as a source of comfort and companionship to the men and women in uniform.For years, military working dogs have been used by the military to guard posts and to detect hidden explosives, drugs and other contraband. They have protected our borders, kept our military personnel safe, and even helped save lives.Now, to honor these loyal animals, a special t-shirt has been created. The Military Working Dog – Guardian of the Night t-shirt features a depiction of a brave and loyal military working dog, standing guard in the darkness, ready to protect its human companions from harm. The shirt also has text that reads, “Guardians of the nigh”, a fitting tribute to these loyal and brave animals.The Military Working Dog – Guardian of the Night t-shirt is a powerful reminder of the loyalty and courage of the military working dog. It is a fitting tribute to these heroic animals who serve our nation with distinction and pride. It is also a reminder of the importance of giving back, and supporting those who serve.Printed on Gildan® Ultra Cotton® 100% US Cotton T-Shirt, a durable long lasting shirt. The 2* MWD Logo displayed on the front left chest, with the military working dog logo on the back.




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Military Working Dog T-Shirt


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