Youth – Dog Paw Hat is designed with safety, pride, and comfort in mind. Weve made some exciting changes to enhance your little ones experience. Firstly, we moved our beloved 2* logo to the back of the cap, ensuring it remains discreet and safe during wild adventures. We also reduced its size to maintain a subtle presence while representing the sacrifice and dedication of mom or dad.Whats more, weve introduced a striking feature on the front—a large paw print. This powerful symbol proudly showcases your childs connection to their parents honorable job, instilling a sense of pride and admiration.Crafted from 100% cotton twill, our youth cap offers a comfortable fit and a low-profile design. Weve opted for an unstructured version of our popular structured twill cap to prioritize comfort without compromising style.With a convenient Velcro closure, this cap guarantees a secure and adjustable fit for most sizes. Whether your little one is exploring the outdoors or simply showing support, our value-priced youth cap is the perfect choice. Elevate their style while honoring your familys dedication with our updated design.


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Youth – Dog Paw Hat